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We offer Playgroup for 2 to 3 year old children and Nursery for 3 to 4 year old children.

We maintain a teacher-student ratio of 1:12 in all our classrooms to ensure a learner friendly environment for children. We maximize every child’s brain development during the key growing years. Our scientifically researched future-ready curriculum, along with advanced educational aids and trained teachers, creates a stimulating environment to enhance learning and open a ‘window of opportunities’ for every child. The curriculum consists of a blend of indoor & outdoor activities such as art & craft, exposure to music, puzzles, beading, matching & sorting, role play & outdoor activities with exposure to sand, water, dough play which stimulates physical and sensory development of the child. Our activities ensure overall development in reading, writing & number readiness. An extension to our classroom learning is theme based field trips.

Pre-School activities


We've got learning down to a science with our:

- Advanced Brain Research Curriculum
- Structured Teaching Methodology
- Multiple Intelligence Development Programmes
- Measured Development Monitoring Systems


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