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Parents Letter


Parents are happy with our school of thought and take pride in having us nurture their children. It's not just fun and games, Brainworks helps form a wonderful bond between parents and kids.

1) "The best thing about this school is that they don't force the children. The children are getting individual attention. They learn through activities. The teachers are polite with the children as well as the parents. I have no particular issue."  -Mrs. Deepika Yadav

2) "The thing that I like the best about the school is that children can move around easily. It has a very comfortable atmosphere. My child has adjusted very well in the school, he actually cries while going back home."  -Mrs. Ruchi Singh

3) "I found Brainworks a better platform for my son. The way they communicate, teach them and play to make every moment enjoyable for them is incredible. Due to the great efforts of the teachers my son has already started speaking few words. I am proud to have my son as a part of Brainworks."  -Mrs. R. Inamdar

4) "I, Anitha Vinay, am a mother of two boys. My elder son studied in Kangaroo Kids. When we saw that Brainworks is a Kangaroo Kids Initiative we enrolled our younger one here. There is immense improvement in my child."  -Mrs. Anitha Vinay

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