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Our Approach


The early years (0-6) are "windows of opportunity" in a child's life when specific types of learning occur. If the brain does not receive the appropriate stimulation at this time, it is difficult for the brain to re-connect itself at a later time.

During these years each individual has a preferred learning style:

- Visual learners like to see pictures or diagrams - they primarily use the sense of sight
- Auditory learners like to listen - they primarily use the sense of hearing
- Haptic learners learn best by using the sense of touch or by moving their bodies

Our curriculum uses this knowledge to identify different themes that help develop a child's basic capabilities.

Besides a robust curriculum, we also believe that a high-quality environment is absolutely essential in supporting a child's development. As a result, our Brainworks facilities are amongst the best in the country today with:

- Spacious areas of approx 2000 sq ft (usually on the ground floor or first floor to ensure safety and accessiblity)
- Bright, friendly thematic classrooms with interplay of colours and pictures to stimulate learning in a child's mind
- Child-friendly, non-toxic imported toys from Funtastic (Australia), a leading global toy manufacturer
- Large open areas with a plunge pool for 'Splash and Fun' activities and a sand-pit to encourage children to play & explore
- Strict norms on safety (e.g. child-friendly equipment such as furniture with rounded edges) and hygiene

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