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Learning Methodology





A brain-compatible classroom is brain-friendly, wherein activities are complementary to what is known about brain functioning.

There has been in the last ten years an explosion of knowledge in neurobiology and the behavioural sciences. There have also been marked transformations in the social and economic circumstances under which families are raising young children. At a time when scientific advances could be used to strengthen early childhood education, this knowledge is mostly ignored and children are paying the price. The early childhood years are important as they lay a foundation that influences the effectiveness of all subsequent education efforts. At Brainworks our curriculum is based on the latest in teaching and learning pedagogy.

Brain researchers are convinced that 50 percent of a person's ability to learn is developed in the first four years of life. not 50 percent of one's wisdom. But in the early years the infant brain makes around 50 percent of the main brain-cell connections-the pathways on which all future learning will be based. A baby's brain develops so fast that by age two a child who is developing normally has the same number of connections as an adult. By age three, a child has TWICE as many brain connections as an adult.

"Windows of opportunity" are critical periods in children's lives when specific types of learning takes place. For instance, scientists have found that the neurons for vision begin sending messages back and forth rapidly at 2 to 4 months of age, peaking in intensity at 8 months. If these windows of opportunity are missed -- if the brain does not receive the appropriate stimulation during a "critical period" or sensitive period - it is very difficult, for the brain to re-wire itself at a later time.

Learning Methodology Learning Methodology
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